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Piyano dersi
How does this book work? 

The intuitive approach of this book enables the very young beginners of piano and children in special education to start playing the piano right away!

The main goal of this book is to provide children the confidence and motivation to take their musical training to the next level.

The stickers at the back side of the book makes is very easy for users to start placing them on the keyboard as the "Preparing the Piano" page shows and start playing the symbols one by one. 

In this method, the notation is different.
Colors should be placed according to the
charts above. Each symbol represents a
hand, and each color a finger.
The placement of the hands on the
keyboard is shown on the previous page.

To teach the note values by counting. To get
familiar with larger shapes and to match them with
longer note values.

To create simple melodies, composing time pages are a great sources. 

Kids color the shapes as they like and play their melodies and dedicate them to their loved ones. 

Throughout the book, there are very cute coloring pages for kids to enjoy. 

The very first song is our three color song. Our main goal is that children age 3 and above play this song at their first sight. 

For more info about the book please visit us at  or email us at

Dr. Erman Türkili - Concert Artist (Violin) 
Dean of Conservatory at BAU
Founder of House of Arts and Sciences 

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